Tuesday, February 8, 2011

2/3 Jet Protection

2/3 Jet pass protection is one of the base protection schemes in the West Coast Offense.  Also known as turn [weak or strong] protection,  Jet protection is half man half zone scheme.  Unlike the traditional big-on-big scheme, where the offensive linemen blocks the four down linemen and the Mike LB, Jet protection zone blocks the back side while has man on the play side.  In other words, in 2 Jet protection, the offensive line will block "4 to the Will."  Ideally, this phrase simply means that 4 offensive linemen will zone/slide block to the Will LB.

Depending on the defensive front and the ability of your offensive linemen, the zone side of the protection can turn into a slide protection.  The only problem with the slide protection is that most teams do employ it during the necessary situations.  Often time, teams slide protect, only to waste a blocker.  For example, a team slides 3 linemen to block 2 defenders; this is not efficient.

As displayed in the image, the benefit of Jet protection is it allows 4 WRs off the snap of the ball.  Depending on the scheme, the blocking back will check release into his route only if his key defenders are not rushing.  With the blocking scheme divided in half (3 blockers on one side and 3 blockers on the other), the pass protection scheme can be easily redirected. 

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